ETC at $1900? AI Predictions Revealed!

• ChatGPT AI was used to explore Ethereum Classic’s (ETC) prospects.
• The AI provided information regarding ETC’s fundamentals and its lack of popularity compared to Ethereum.
• It also suggested that a target of $1900 may be attainable for ETC.

Exploring Ethereum Classic’s Prospects With AI

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI), has become increasingly popular this year, leading many people to consider whether it can have insightful predictions regarding Ethereum Classic’s (ETC) prospects. We decided to find out more by exploring the fundamentals surrounding the network as well as why it is less popular than its counterpart – Ethereum (ETH).

Ethereum Classic Fundamentals

The first query requested ChatGPT to provide a detailed and concise explanation of Ethereum Classic and its fundamentals. For starters, the AI provided fundamental data such as the fact that it is a proof-of-work crypto and one of the few remaining options in the PoW category. It also noted that it has been losing popularity from a long-term perspective.

Why Is ETC Less Popular?

We then asked ChatGPT about why the Ethereum Classic network is less popular than Ethereum. It gave three reasons – Community Support: After the 2016 DAO hack, the majority of the Ethereum community decided to implement a hard fork that created a new blockchain known as Ethereum; Low Developer Activity: ETC has had low developer activity compared to ETH over time; Lack of Innovations & Features: There have been fewer innovative features released on the ETC blockchain compared to ETH blockchain which makes it less attractive for investors.

Will $1900 Be Attainable?

Finally, we asked ChatGPT whether $1900 is an attainable target for ETC in terms of price. The response was positive but with caution since there are still some variables that could affect price performance such as regulatory changes or technological advancements in other networks that could make them more attractive investments than ETC . Thus, while achieving this target is possible, there are no guarantees when it comes to predicting market movements and prices.


Overall, using AI to get insights into an asset’s future prospects can be useful but should not be taken too seriously because predicting market movements and prices can never be guaranteed with absolute accuracy.

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