Cardano Whales HODL on ADA: Is It Time for Retail Investors to Buy?

• Cardano’s [ADA] price has been underwhelming lately, with a 12.97% drop in market cap over the last 30 days.
• Despite this, whale investors have maintained their confidence in ADA, with the number of wallets holding 100,000 tokens or more reaching 25,294 over the past 16 months.
• Meanwhile, retail investors and traders appear to have a bearish outlook for ADA in the short term.

Cardano Whales Stay True to ADA

Despite recent underperformance from Cardano’s [ADA] token, whales remain confident about its long-term potential. Santiment data showed that there are now 25,294 wallets holding 100,000 ADA or more — a 16 month high. This indicates that large holders are still confident of the project’s future prospects.

Retail Investors Surrendering

On the other hand, retail investors do not seem to share this same sentiment. The number of addresses holding between 0 and 1,000 tokens either flatlined or decreased over time. Furthermore, derivatives traders have a bearish outlook on ADA as evidenced by its long/short ratio being below 1. Ali_charts recently noted that the token has been ‘trapped’ in a range between $0.46 and $0.24 for 329 days now and will likely take longer for it to replicate its 2k+ percent gains from two years ago before it can push higher again.

Time To Buy?

While many market participants feel that ADA’s time to shine is yet to come, whales’ actions indicate that it may be right time buy ADAs now – especially if one is looking at investing for the long run . However , it is important to note that these predictions could be wrong and it is always advised to exercise caution when making any investment decisions .

Risk Management

Investing comes with risks as well as rewards so it is important to diversify one’s portfolio and practice risk management when investing in any asset class including cryptocurrencies . It is also advisable to research extensively before placing any bets on assets like Cardano [ADA].


Despite short-term bearishness from both retail investors and derivatives traders alike, whales continue accumulating Cardano (ADA). Whether this implies bullishness soon remains up in air but one should always practice caution when investing in crypto assets like ADA .

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