Blockchain: Chinese companies pay high wages

Wages in China, for people working in companies related to Blockchain, are rising sharply. There are two reasons for this. The first is the adaptation of firms to pandemic conditions. The second is due to the technological expansion of that nation.

It is notable that the expansion of companies using Blockchain technology is related to new ways of working from home. However, it should be noted that, for several years, China has shown great development in various related areas.

The average salary for people working in this type of technological projects is, according to Chainnews, USD 2,865 per month. This is a significant increase compared to last year’s average of USD 1,230.

China’s Blockchain companies in growing demand for labour

The amazing rise of the People’s Republic of China in new technologies, not only Blockchain, but also 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI), is creating a huge job vacancy.

The growth of the firms is greater than the growth of the workers available for the required positions. Meanwhile, this has caused the law of supply and demand attached to the competition for professionals, forcing companies to offer high wages to obtain the best labor.

Some professionals who work with years of experience in these companies in China related to the Blockchain technology, receive up to 7,000 USD per month.

The big difference in income is obvious, if you compare these wages with the minimum wage received by Chinese workers in general. For example, in some provinces like Guangxi, workers are paid $146 per month. In Shanghai, the income is $321.

As for the United States, it should be noted, the minimum monthly wage is $1,325 per month.

China and its companies related to Blockchain, are in frank expansion throughout the national geography.
The companies related to Blockchain technology in China are distributed throughout the territory of that nation. Source: LongHash
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